Our Mission

The core mission of Moringa Light Energy is to deliver to you the finest, freshest most nutritious and potent Moringa Oleifera products possible. This is why we located our farms in the Coachella Valley in Southern California, where the weather and soil conditions are superior for growing Moringa trees. Moringa Light Energy’s entire staff is committed and works diligently to offer products that are designed to benefit you in a myriad of ways, all to enhance a healthier, longer and enriched life for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Moringa Gold Leaves, Seeds, Powder & Essences

Q1. What is Moringa?
Moringa is a tree native to Africa and the foothills of the Himalayas. More than 4,000 years ago its value as a superfood with medicinal benefits became known. In Africa, moringa is an important food source. Its seeds are used to detoxify impure water.

Q2. Why Moringa Oleifera:
There are 13 varieties of moringa worldwide. We grow Moringa Oleifera because only genus Oleifera has such a unique nutritional and health-beneficial profile.

Q3. Why should I use it?
Moringa Gold Leaves, Seeds, Powder and Essences contain well established nutritional benefits. The tree produces a potent array of minerals, vital amino acids, complex proteins, and the essential youth-enhancing substance creatin) as well as Vitamin B3, a known energy booster and precursor to NAD+.

Q4. What are the nutritional benefits?
A single gram of our naturally-dried Moringa Gold Leaves provides these enormous benefits;

  • 1 Gram Gold Leaves = 7 times the Vitamin C of Oranges
  • 4 times the Vitamin A of carrots
  • 4 times the calcium of milk
  • 3 times the potassium of bananas
  • 2 times the complex proteins of
  • Yogurt
  • And there’s more….

Q5. What is the effect of Moringa Gold Seeds?
Daily our systems are pounded with toxins new in the human experience. Chemicals introduced into our air, EMF's, water and soil dump these new poisons into our bodies our livers, kidneys, spleens and other organs were never meant to experience. Moringa Gold Seeds help your body detoxify and help to heal it, giving a potential boost to the immune system! There are scientific studies & evidence that suggest these miraculous seeds can treat and help prevent infections, control good cholesterol, act as an anti-inflammatory, and assist in the control of high blood pressure, diabetes, bronchitis and cardio-vascular disease. The seeds will propel your energy, stamina & libido to new heights. Moringa has also been shown to be an anti-carcinogenic.

Q6. Tell me about Moringa & Cancer?
Moringa leaves contain essential amino acids that boost the immune system. This is extremely important while undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy, because the drugs used wreak havoc on our immune systems. Our bodies need help to combat these side effects in order to fight back. Moringa puts the steel back in your immune system’s fight.

Q7. Does Moringa help prevent cancer?
Moringa has been shown in studies to have an anti-tumor ability. Moringa Oleifera contains benzyl isothiocanate. There are many studies that have shown this chemical to have anti-cancer and chemo protective abilities. Moringa is new to the West. New understandings and discoveries are common. All good!

Q8. If Moringa Gold Leaves & Seeds are so beneficial, why do you offer essences?
We’re all familiar with booster shots as follow-ons to immunizations. The Moringa Light Energy™ line of essences are just like that; Booster shots! And who of us doesn’t need a boost now & then Q.

Q9. How many Moringa Gold Seeds™ Should I eat each day?
It depends on your body weight. For people less than 150 pounds, we recommend 1 seed daily. For those at 150-plus, two daily, one in the morning, one at night.

Q10. How do I eat them?
You may want to first crack the shell & wings, crack it open and draw the raw seed out. You will sense a sweet taste followed by tartness. Drinking any beverage will bring the sweet taste back.

Q11. With all that energy, will eating Moringa Gold Seeds and products interfere with sleep?
No. The properties of the Moringa itself allow for a wonderful night's sleep.

Q12. Can Moringa Light Energy™ Gold Leaves help my pet?
Yes! Moringa Gold Leaves can be given to your pets. They are usually added to their food. Start out with just a pinch to get them used to the flavor. Moringa is also good for livestock.

Q13. How do I use Moringa?
Moringa Light Energy Gold leaves are a popular addition to smoothies, cereals, and salads. The dried leaves have a parsley-like bouquet. After cooking, try mixing them into soups, stews and sauces. But let the food cool first so the full benefits of moringa can be enjoyed.

Q14. Do you use any GMOs in your products?

Q15. Are Moringa Light Energy products safe to mix with my medications?
We’re not aware of any complication as arising from the use of moringa oleifera products with medications. If you have concerns regarding your specific needs, please consult your physician first.

Q16. In your literature you mention that moringa oleifera leaves?
They are a rich source of calcium. I’m lactose intolerant.

Q16b. Is moringa a safe source of calcium for me?
Absolutely! There is no lactose present in any of our moringa products.

Q17. Can moringa cure my illness or disease?
Moringa oleifera products from Moringa Light Energy are food and nutritional supplements that lay no claim to cure or prevent any illness or disease. Moringa is not a drug. But its nutritional, detoxifying and other properties help boost our immune systems and help our bodies heal themselves.

Q18. I’m very vegan. In addition to the benefits you’ve mentioned, how does moringa help me?
As a vegetarian your body may need the complex proteins that otherwise come from consumption of meats, cheese and fish. Moringa Light Energy Gold leaves & Seeds are a rich source of the complex proteins your body needs, in a vegetarian package!

Q19. Why is moringa called ‘The Tree of Life’?
In Africa, where the uses of this miraculous tree’s products are in wide use, it’s pretty simple - The benefits of moringa oleifera products are so well established it has earned this honored title

Q20. There are cheaper sources for moringa, powder from various sources. Why should I buy from Moringa Light Energy?
Not all moringa is created equal. And not all moringa producers are, either. Moringa Light Energy’s entire structure, from the ground we’ve chosen to cultivate, the genetic stock we grow, our organic methods of growing, the shaded air-drying of our leaf product, the ancient and time-honored methods we employ in the crafting of our essences, all these elements are to benefit you, our clients. We want you to have the best products to enhance your life. Moringa Light Energy produces the best. That’s our law. That’s our way.

Q21. You’ve mentioned Moringa Light Energy™ essences. What are they?
We craft a small army of essences we call ‘Ancient Healers’. Again, these easy-to-use products, liquid in form, amplify your Moringa Oleifera benefits. ‘Fountain of Youth’™ - Moringa Light Energy’s flagship essence, is discussed at length elsewhere on this site ‘Root Essence’ -- Moringa Oleifera root has demonstrated an ability to promote mental clarity & composure. In addition to that, studies suggest root elements have an inhibiting effect on the formation of tumors, especially important in women’s reproductive health where ovarian and uterine tumors are a risk factor.

‘Leaf Essence’ – There seems to be no end to the positive discoveries associated with moringa oleifera leaves. ‘Leaf Essence’ is crafted honoring ancient healing traditions, our own fresh-cut & naturally dried leaf and structured liquids for a product sure to amplify your self-confidence, clarity of thought and decisive action-taking abilities. ‘Wing Essence’ – Yes, moringa grows wings! Well, the seeds certainly do, as you can see here on the site, those white ruffles embracing each seed kernel. As those wings guide the drifting moringa seed from its boughs to an earthly womb to create new life, Moringa Seed Essence embraces and protects your brain’s functions for heightened awareness. ‘Flower essence’ – Moringa Oleifera flowers are lovely and delicate, but contain strong life & thought enhancing agents. The flowers do not grow on all trees. Ours are hand-harvested to craft this anxiety combating product. Pictures here on our site and our Facebook page, ‘The Moringa Men.’

‘Seed essence’ - Unleashes the powerful anti-depressive qualities of ‘The Tree of Life’, amplifying your Moringa Light Energy nutritional program.

‘Sprout Essence’ - The young of many plants & animals get an extra shot of beneficial elements to start their growth. Moringa Light Energy ‘Sprout Essence’ harnesses these youthful compounds. We begin by hand-selecting the most vigorous moringa sprouts to craft this essence for the ever-improving growth of your mind.

Q22. Are Moringa Light Energy products gamma-irradiated?
Absolutely not. Foreign-based grower’s imported moringa products must be gamma-irradiated. That is why this issue is not mentioned on their websites. Moringa Light Energy’s trees are grown in Thermal, California, in the famous Coachella valley near the Salton Sea. We are a U.S.A. all the way!

Q23. What does gamma-irradiation do to moringa?
It denigrates the nutritional potency.

Q24. Can I grow moringa?
Yes! The same Moringa Light Energy Gold Seeds you receive from us can grow into amazing trees of your own!

Q25. How do I grow moringa?
Moringa Oleifera is native to the foothills of the Himalayas, India and large regions of tropical and sub-tropical Africa. Moringa trees love sunlight, heat and regular showers. And they love a well-drained, loamy soil free of clay. There are 3 ways you may grow moringa; in containers, field planting, and indoors for harsh climate zones. Field or Yard Growing – Keep in mind your moringa can grow to heights of 20-feet or more and spread 5-feet wide. With that in mind, prepare a location at least 15 feet away from structures in light, well-drained soil in a sunny location. Some partial shade is desirable as well.

Near spring, dig out a hole 12”x12”, backfill & water-in. Take a Moringa Gold seed in your hand and drop it, allowing the wings of the seed to orient itself to its new home naturally. Pick up the seed, and press it about 1-inch into the soil. Cover with about a half-inch of soil, water gently without exposing the seed. Seed germination takes place in about 12 days.

Container Growing – Moringa Oleifera grows a strong and long taproot, so deep, large containers are Desirable. The size of your moringa will be in proportion to the size of the planter you choose. We suggest pots from 5 gallons in size up. The choice is yours. For your container growing we recommend a blend of 60-percent peat moss, 20-percent perlite and 20-percent coco mix, readily available at retailers such as Lowe’s, home depot and garden centers. Again, lots of sun with partial shade is desirable. For the most attractive plants, full, bushy ones rich with leaf, practice ‘pinching-back’ the plant’s naturally aggressive vertical growth. Just regularly pinch off new growth. It’s easy and won’t harm your tree.

Indoor in harsh Climates - Keep in mind what your moringa loves: Warmth, sunlight and moisture. You’ll be using containers here, so the aforementioned guidelines should be followed. Since you’ll be indoors, choose a bright sunny location. You’ll want to keep the humidity around your tree high; for this a large drainage plate will protect your flooring and allow draining water to collect and evaporate, humidifying your plant’s area. Your plant may benefit from grow-lights as well and it will love you for giving it a regular misting.

Q26. What is Moringa Seed Oil?
One of the greatest products in the world! Moringa Light Energy’s Moringa Seed Oil is virgin cold pressed oil (not solvent extracted) of the moringa oleifera tree. It is also known as ben Oil, because only moringa oleifera contains behenic acid, used and mentioned in the writings of ancient Greece and Rome as a beauty enhancer. The oil is a tremendous source of oleic acid as well, 72%. With its high profile of these elements, anti-oxidants, nutrients and the plant hormone zeatin, studies are suggesting that moringa oleifera oil has a definite healing impact on the cell structure of our skin. Results, a more youthful appearance, radiant complexion and a more radiant you!

Q27. How do I use moringa seed oil?
Our seed oil is a light, scent-free product easily absorbed into the skin and is not greasy. Just a few drops go a long way. Apply a few to the palm of your hand and smooth onto your face. The oil may also be used to assist in the healing of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and simple dry or sunburned skin.

Q28. Is moringa oil good for my hair?
Moringa Light Energy Moringa Seed Oil is it fantastic for your hair Our hair, after all, is an extension of our skin, and benefits from the same profile of nutrients, anti-oxidants and zeatin. Moringa seed oil is legendary in the cosmetics industry as a component in treatments for smoothing. Use as would a hot-oil treatment. Or simply apply to freshly washed and towel-dried hair and brush through. The seed oil will put as many lights in your hair as the seed & leaf products put in your eyes!

Q29. Is moringa just a new fad?
It may seem so, but only because moringa is new to the West. Keep in mind that moringa’s miraculous properties have been well-documented for thousands of years at this point by a diverse number of cultures that include ancient Egyptians (beauty products), Roman and Greek healers, African tribes and the cultures of the Indian sub-continent.

Q30. Will moringa help me lose weight?
Yes, it can! A heathier diet rich in the nutrients, anti-oxidants, plant hormone zeatin, complex proteins and minerals present in Moringa Light Energy products are a tremendous start. Combine them with an active, healthy lifestyle and that’s all it takes. Sounds simple. But we all know how challenging it is to do on a daily basis. Moringa Light Energy supplements will make it easier.

Q31. Irregularity has been a problem with my losing weight. Will moringa do anything for me?
Yes. Regular use of Moringa Gold Leaf & Seed products boost and amplify digestive health processes.

Q32. Does moringa affect libido?
Our favorite question. With overall better health & vitality, moringa oleifera has established benefits in the realm of human sexuality for both men and women. When we look better, feel better, possess greater energy and stamina, the results are, well… exciting!